Magnetic Levitation
Haichao Zhu, Yuntao Wang, Liyuan Wang, Jiayu Long, Shuang He



Project Description

This system is composed of four magnetic levitation systems. Each of them plays one of the Bass, Guitar, Drum and Vocal tracks respectively. User can interact with each of them to switch the track and play a special sound effect. The LED ring display the color corresponding with the music.


Each of the Megnetic Levitation system consists of a big ring permanent magnetic for pushing the floated magnetic up, two perpendicular hall sensors for detecting the flex of the floated magnetic, four copper coils and the circuits for adjusting the posture of the floated magnetic to keep it at the center of the flex field. A 256 color LED ring is served for displaying.

Related Information

This project is for a US-China maker competition. We were a team of five.
This project won a $5000 prize and featured by several presses.
I was working on hardware and others are working on software and appearance design.