Fixed Telephone Hacking
Haichao Zhu, Xin Xu



Project Description

Conventional fixed telephone does not have any fancy functions like the modern “smart” fixed telephones, so we made this device to enable them for it.


The signal in phone cable is coded in Dual Tone Multi Frequency (DTMF). Our device intercept this signal and decode it to get the phone call information in the cable. Base on this, our device can get the phone number when both calling in and calling out. Thus it can realize the function of filtering the coming in phone call. Also it’s possible to set the device by using the fixed telephone itself.
To realize calling out and hanging up, a single relay is used to simulate the behave of the switch in the fixed telephone. The relay is controlled by the MyRIO hardware platform provided by National Instrument.
All the signal processing works and other hardware programming are in LabVIEW environment. The demo UI was also made in LabVIEW.

Related Information

Xin and I made this project and we have equal contribution to it.
This project is for a contest hosted by National Instrument.
We won a first prize.