Smart Car and Drone
Haichao Zhu, Xin Xu



Project Description

We meant to design a game base on a drone bought by the lab of my university, for a contest.
The smart car is for a contest that the fastest car wins.


The hardware parts of the Smart Car were specified by the contest and we can design the PCB and where to put them on the car. The algorithm is basically about detecting the road and use PID to control the servo and the speed, so it’s pretty fixed. The mechanical structure is important in this contest. How to lower the center of gravity is the key to this contest.
The drone already has its own flight control system on board and a receiver for the remote controller. We made a circuit to simulate the output signal of the receiver and receive our own signal from a laptop through nRF24L01 module. Thus we can realize controlling it by using our own program. By using the OpenCV to recognize hand gesture, the user can control this done in a Flappy Bird game.

Related Information

Xin and I made these projects and we have equal contribution to them.
Regarding the drone project, we only finished the drone hacking part. Other parts were left to others and never finished.
The Smart Car we built won the first prize.