Haichao Zhu, Xin Xu



Project Description

This device is for solving the problems for the astronomy amateur when doing astronomy observation. When observing the stars, it is always painful to looking for a specific star with a star map. Sometimes with a little distraction the star will be lost and another round of searching would be needed. Also it’s hard to adjust the telescope to aim at the stars, especially for the rookie amateurs.


The mini projector on the helmet projects a virtual star map on the semi-transparent board at the front. The projector is connected to a laptop which receive the data from the IMU sensors on the helmet. Base on the IMU data, the posture of the user’s head can be figured out, so does the direction of the user’s eyesight. By adjusting the virtual star map, the star at the center of the star map can overlap on the actual star in the sky. Some related information about the star are also listed around it.

Related Information

Xin and I made this project and we have equal contribution to it.
This project is for a contest hosted by Microsoft.
We won a first prize.